Architecture Services

1. Establishing the project theme based on agreed draft

Analysis of investor’s desires, needs and possibilities in accordance with technical and legal specifications of the site / architectural program

2. Obtaining the Urbanism Certificate (CU) which informs the solicitor about the legal, economic and technical parameters of the building, characteristics of the area in which the property is located, urban requirements to be met and the necessary permits for the authorization of construction/ demolition.

3. Documentation for obtaining construction permits

Necessary approvals are required through the Urbanism Certificate and for compiling the documentation for construction authorization.

4. Technical documentation for obtaining the building permit (D.T.A.C.)

Technical documentation authorizing construction works (D.T.A.C.) is an extract from the Technical Project (PT) and contains all the information needed to assess the project and for its authorization.

5. Technical Project / Execution details (P.T. / D.D.E.)

Execution project (P.T.) and execution details (D.D.E.)

Obtaining the Urbanism Certificate

Written documents:

  • Request for issuing the Urbanism Certificate
  • C.U statement;
  • Document (receipt) providing evidence of fee payment for issuing the certificate of urbanism;
  • C.F.
  • Techinal sheet

Techinal drawings:

  • P.U.G. reglementation for the specific area
  • Site plan – existing situation
  • Site plan – proposal

Technical Project / Execution details (P.T. / D.D.E.)

Technical drawings:

  • Execution details;
  • Joinery details;
  • Building measurements and materials estimate.

Obtaining the construction permit (D.T.A.C.)

Technical drawings:

  • P.U.G. reglementation for the specific area;
  • Site plan – existing situation;
  • Site plan – proposal;
  • Floor plans;
  • Sections;
  • Facades;
  • Site organisation plan.