Interior Design Services

1. Brief – customer profile and needs, context analysis
The design theme is set up after a detailed discussion with the customer so that his wishes and needs to be reflected in the proposed solution.

2. Site Measurements, Photos
Visiting the investment site to identify space particularities; inventory of existing elements and site measuremenets to determine spatial proposal.

3. 2D Proposals – functional schemes
Based on the preliminary discussion and the site visit, we propose effective solutions for optimization of space, (re) partitioning and placement of furniture, sanitary ware and appliances specifying specific dimensions.

4. 3D Images (Simulation) of Each Room – shapes, materials, textures, colors; furniture and lighting
Based on the approved layout, we will explore every room through 3D simulations.

The proposals include: walls and ceilings decoration; wall and floor finishes; furniture concept; lighting proposals; textiles proposals (curtains, drapes, upholstery, wallpaper, carpets); decorative objects proposals

5. Technical drawings

6. Cost Estimates – Supplier Selection – Site Tracking
Based on site measurements and the allocated budget, we will prepare a cost estimate differentiated by category of works. We will pinform you about the providers with whom we work, we will visit several showrooms and together we will choose walls and floors finishes, special furniture, lighting objects, curtains and drapes, carpets, decorations and accessories.

7. Site Tracking and Reception
We will frequently conduct site visits to monitor the works status and compliance with technical project. We will be there for the reception and will check once again the performed works.

Technical Project

  • The electric  plan –  displaying the electric lighting, plugs and switches, tv and internet cables (so as to enjoy the convenience of new technologies and not tripping due to unaestehetic cables)
  • Loayout plan indicating neew interventions and wall tracing
  • Ceiling plan with the location of lighting objects, moldings or cornices
  • The floor plan with specific finishes (ceramic tiles, natural stone, parquet, carpet, epoxy flooring, etc.)
  • Furnishing plan with indication of materials used
  • Technical design for furniture with indication of materials used
  • Technical design for plated walls
  • The necessary of materials compiled based on site measurements